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Why Cats Are So Easy to Fall in Love With

Your pet cat may be smarter than you think.

Just by observing cats for a while, you can tell that they are very witty. They are fast learners and very observant. They make use of their senses in coming up with intelligent decisions. These qualities of a cat are supported by thousands of years of transformation. Trying to figure out their thoughts will allow you to strengthen your bond with them. Their 3 unique traits are as follows:

They are experts when it comes to imitation.

Since cats are very smart, they can let your habits and routines work to their advantage. They will try to manipulate you every time they see an opportunity. If your cat observes that every time she makes noise in the morning, you hurry to feed her, she will surely do the same every night.

Manipulation maneuvers.

If you have a cat for a pet right now and she is interested in another cat, let them become close to each other.

Why do cats leave undesirable things behind?

There are times when your pet cat might leave something undesirable on your doorstep such as a a dead mouse or something larger. Researches are not really sure why they leave their prey to be seen by their owners. It many be any of these reasons:

They like to display their affection to their master. Cats are found of chasing, killing and playing with mice so you should do these as well.

What’s in it for me?

Dogs often succeed in pleasing you but it is a lot different with cats. They are highly motivated when they discover that they would benefit from the opportunities that are present. Their decisions are based on the benefits they receive in exchange. As an example, they approach you when called because of the treats they get such as cat food. This does not mean, though, that they are obedient.

They have a parenting instinct. Cats provide their family with food.

One more aspect to think about is the way cats hunt. They usually stalk their prey then chase them until the latter are too tired. In addition, they prefer to hunt their prey within their territory.

Why do cats want to chase mice?

Though we all know that cats love to catch mice and they are good at it, they do not do this because they are hungry but due to their natural instinct. There seems to be no problem with that but it is still best to keep them from interfering with nature. Letting them use a collar with a bell will signal birds that are off-guard so they can fly even before your cat approaches them.


Perhaps the best way to keep your cat away from hunting other animals is to make sure that she remains inside the house. Though this may not be practical since she loves to stay outdoors, encourage her to stay indoors by having more time to play with her. Keep her busy with some activities such as letting her chase some toys or play with other cats so you can prevent her from leaving your home as well as hunting.

Source by Karina Popa

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