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EQ2 Forsaken City Named Fun (Part 1)

Since I am passed the level capable of getting any rewards for this zone anymore I decided to give all the tactics I have learned about this zone for pulling as many named mobs as possible, solo, in EverQuest 2’s The Forsaken City. Pet owning classes that have the “call servant” ability should be able to solo almost all the named mobs in this zone excluding the epic mob and perhaps another tougher mob that cannot be rooted. Probably the best level to run through this zone is level 70 so you can kill all the named mobs and get experience and a chance for good loot. As a side note, it is important to have your rendering distance turned up to the maximum so you can target mobs across gaps. Click “options” then “performance” to access your rendering distance slide bar.

OK here we go. Upon zoning in, break out and buff up your tank pet. Head down the ramp and you will see four linked terracotta warriors. Kill them (the reason being you will agro these mobs later if you do not kill them now) and then put up invisibility and head along the left path. Inside the large room above you will be “Mentor Zama” or her place holder “a shade mentor”. Below you will be “First Mate Bilgebelly” or his place holder “a plunderer planner”. Across the chasm below you if you press the Tab button a few times you will come upon “Venomouse Queen” or her place holder “a venomouse breeder”. Now go back to the zone in and command your pet to stay and make sure to TAKE OFF any damage shield your pet might have on it. Head back down to where you can target one of the named or their place holder (not the Venomouse Queen) and send your pet in to attack and immediately start running back to the zone in. Once your pet engages the target, call your pet back to you with the spell “call servant” and run all the way to the zone in door. It is easy to tell when your pet has engaged because your character will go into a fighting stance and you will see a small icon of two crossed swords next to you name. If you have done this correctly then all the other mobs should lose agro and reset leaving you alone with the named mob or its place holder. If your pet has a damage shield on when it is sent in to attack there is a good chance that another mob near the named will hit your pet and be damaged. Any mob that is damaged by your pet will follow you back to the zone in and you will have more creatures to deal with than you need to. Once the named is dead do the exact same thing with the other named.

Now, onto the Venomouse Queen. Have your pet follow you and have invisibility up. At the zone in on the right you will see a pot of fire in the corner of the room. Jump on the pot and call your pet and have him stay there. Run down and target the Venemouse Queen with your Tab key. Start running back to the zone in and once you are about in the middle of the path before heading up the ramp to the zone in send your pet in to engage the Queen. If you pull this off correctly, you will be in for a fun fight at the zone in. As you may find out, if you run too far from the mob before sending your pet in to attack you will lose the target and will have to go back to retarget. It is a game of trial and error. The Queen will spawn some small mobs to attack you during the fight and she is actually pretty tough. You may want to use some of your abilities that take several minutes to recast on this fight to increase your longevity.

Ok, now you can start clearing the mobs on the right side. In the room on the right and above you will be “The Master Sculptor” or his place holder “an expert sculptor” (These mobs are ghosts and can be targeted outside of the room from a third person point of view). Update: the room on the right now has a door that needs to be opened in order to enter. So now you will need to open the door, target the mob and run back to the zone in before the door closes again. Pull him the same way you pulled “Mentor Zama” and “Bilgebelly”. The next two named you will pull like you did with “Venomouse Queen”. Park your pet on the left pot of fire right at the zone in go into the right room. Across the chasm you will need to click Tab to target “a pleading seeker” (Oops! I forgot to write down the name of the named mob! Oh well, you will know it when you see it). Across the chasm and below on the right side of the room you will see “The Vegetarian Troll”. “The Vegetarian Troll” has no place holder and is on what seems to be about a 30 – 45 minute spawn timer.

And now onto the last named that you will pull to the zone in to kill. At the zone jump on top of the right pot of fire and call your pet to you. Command your pet to stay. This last named pull is going to be tight. Put invisibility up and head down the ramp. If the terracotta warriors have spawned again kill them, if they have not spawned then proceed along the left path into the room. Head down the steps then up the steps in the corridor. At the top of the steps and out of the corridor is where “Mentor Zama” spawns. To your right you will see a wooden plank. Cross the plank and head straight down a small flight of stairs. Turn right and head up the stairs in the corridor. At the top of the corridor will be a small room with a bunch of mobs. At the other side of the room you will see the named “Tornuk the Warweary”. This mob also does not have a place holder and is on a timer of about 30 – 45 minutes. Target him and head back down the way you came. Just outside the corridor you will now turn left to run up the small flight of stairs before the wooden plank. As you are on the first step or two heading up towards the plank send your pet in to engage the named. If you do this too late you will lose your target. If you do this too soon you will be in for a load of hurting. If you time it perfectly you will be able to send your pet in to attack and be able to run back towards the zone in before your invisibility drops due to your pet engaging the mob. While running back to the zone in, instead of running down the stairs in the corridor simply jump off the ledge onto the floor below (its faster). You will also be just out of agro range from the other terracotta warriors when your invisibility drops. Immediately call your pet back to you and run up to the zone in. The named will phase into the room with you in a few seconds for you to kill.

Up to this point, you should probably be able to kill the named mobs you pulled in one go. By this I mean you had no need to root the mob and back off your pet while you were fighting in order to replenish some health and power. Tornuk the Warweary may have required you to root him for a few moments in order to keep your pet alive. In the next walkthrough, we will be heading deeper into the Forsaken City where you will need to use your root spell in order to survive the named fights. See you then.


Source by Scott Brady

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