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Training a Beagle

For those of you who know of Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s pet beagle on Peanuts, you would not think of that dog as being stubborn. For those of you who own, or have owned, beagles, you know that they very stubborn dogs. This is a very important bit of information to new beagle owners, to know that they will be dealing with a stubborn dog. So, right off, going into beagle dog training, come prepared with heaps of patience.

Beagles come from a long line of crossbred canines going way back to the hunting dogs in England. The English only needed them for one thing, and that was for hunting. Hundreds of years of being hunting dogs have given the beagle their stubborn streak. This coupled with the hunting dog’s quality of a heightened sense of smell, which makes them curious and distracted about all kinds of smells, leads to no small amount of frustration when it comes to beagle dog training. Be ready for it.

Start your training with the basic commands. Teach your beagle to heel, stay, lay down, and of course to sit. Discipline is needed for all dogs. Because they are pack animals by nature, prone to follow a strong leader, you would do wise to be that strong leader and teach them these basic commands. In considering rewards, go toward the food end of things, as this type of reward usually works best with beagles. You might try a toy, especially if your beagle is fond of one, as a secondary reward.

The biggest downside to having a dog with a superior sense of smell is that they tend to hang around the kitchen. When this happens, and when meals are being prepared or served, your beagle will start to do anything and everything to gain attention. This includes begging. It will also include jumping, barking, whining, yelping, walking on their back legs…you name. it. All for a little bite of what you’ve got.

As with other dogs of their type, beagles are a high strung bundle of energy. This means you should spend a great deal of your beagle dog training time running everywhere. Don’t forget to play with your beagle, too. Exercise, running and playing around will be an important part of beagle training in the early days, to establish ground rules with your beagle.

You don’t want them thinking they are master of your domain. Remembering the pack animal theory, if you set up you and other family members as the leaders of your pack, then your beagle dog training will go a lot smoother for everybody, especially your beagle. You see, beagles may be stubborn, they may be prone to begging for a free lunch, but in the end, they will love making you happy.

Source by Cindy Surette

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