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Internet Marketing – Generating Prospects-Leads Online

For a network marketer, nothing is more important than generating new leads and sustaining them to create new downlines. Push aside all those old fangled ideas where you spent hours on the phone and hooked up discussions to try and convince a prospect while frustrations from cold calling dead leads mounted. Sounds similar to banging your head against a wall!

Even when all your efforts do seem look up with some prospects showing interests, take a minute to analyse, does your bottom-line show a healthy growth? Are you making profits enough to break-even and beyond, so much so that your downlines have become firmly entrenched operators in their own right? If the answer is no, not really….read on…!

What you need is a predictable system that can help you generate real leads (and not just potential ones), convert them to create profitable downlines and help retain them.

For generating leads through the internet, remember a few basics of marketing:

You are not just selling a product; you are fulfilling a need, so more than anything, it is important to identify to what extent you will be satisfying that need.

People don’t have time, but if you can catch their attention, then they will make the time for you and you will have a ‘won over’ prospect… business on demand. Most important tip : Prospects are attracted to a business that spends time in building relationships, rather then those who just advertise. Online marketing talks about a complete paradigm shift from the old, to what is universally known as the web 2.0 marketing where prospects are generated through attraction marketing rather than ‘chasing leads’

Leap on to this hottest social marketing phenomenon by joining MLM communities of like-minded people, where you can build business relationships and generate leads. Tap the intelligence of the net: categorize your important information. Make it short, sweet and exact instead of long-winding.

Optimize SEO searches. Update to show up more often to generate prospects. Use smart anchor texts (the clickable text on your link label)…make sure your first two words are descriptive and catchy. Search engine result pages picks out links matching anchor texts to keyword searches.

Instead of busting your lungs on the phone, log on to social sites and hold interesting discussions about your pet project. Post information and opinions while responding to others. Link up where you can: Increase the number of incoming links to your web page on various websites

Build up an interesting profile, complete with music, pictures, videos, pod casts and ‘how- to’ blogs. Post comments regularly. Include information that will help them improve their lives and appear as positive pro-active. Soon you’ll attract prospects.

Collect email addresses and mail interesting newsletters, offers and information. Address them as one would address a dear friend. Personalize!

Create pop-ups with attractive and useful content to generate prospects.

Use great technology like hover ads to skirt around pop-up blockers released by many websites. You can now design your ads that look a lot like pop-ups and will be seen by your target leads.

Seriously…ideas are endless…all you have to do is network and network passionately.

Source by Joy Whiting

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