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Turtles Don’t Eat Just About Anything! Know How to Feed Your Pet Turtle Now

Having turtles as a pet is a fun experience especially when it’s feeding time. But the question is, what do turtles eat? This article will enlighten you about how one should take care of turtles especially when it comes to their diet. First, you need to know what type of specie your turtle is so that you could provide them with the diet suitable to them. It is a must for the turtle owner to be able to identify the best food and when to give it to ensure the safety of the turtle when it comes to health.

Also, it is important to know the details of how to feed your pet turtle. You need to know its preferences and of course its eating habits. Once you know all the details and master it so well, your pet will sure be living a happy life and of course it would stay longer.

So, what do turtles eat? Well, they eat vegetables and meat hence they are called as omnivores and so a balanced diet with an equal combination of both is highly suggested diet for turtles. However, some types of turtles like the tortoises are vegetable lovers and they enjoy gnawing at grass and plants. But then some of them are born scavengers since they feed on insects and other sea creatures.

The aquatic and terrestrial turtles have similar feeding habits although aquatic turtles often prefer to eat meat meanwhile terrestrial turtles like vegetables. The older turtles eat less meat and so a turtle owner must be aware that their older turtles should be kept away from too much protein. For vegetables, turtles feed on alfalfa, cabbage, berries and lettuce.

So, basically, if you know your pet turtle pretty well, you will not have a hard time trying to feed it since you know its wants and needs. Still, you could feed them commercial turtle food in their diet but not that often as turtles prefer vegetables and meat. But you must make sure that it has to be finely chopped and well apportioned.

So, now that you know what turtles eat, Are you still willing to have a turtle as your pet? It will just depend on you, if you really love turtles then go for it. They’re not just fun to have but you also get challenged in taking care of them as they are sensitive animals that need to be pampered very well.

Source by Steven Magill

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