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Pet Urine Cleaning Products Saved My Love For Gypsy

Pet urine cleaning products became a necessity for me recently as my life was forever changed. As pet owners we are sometimes faced with situations we have never experienced before. Being a life long pet owner still did not prepare me for the day my 15 year old beagle Gypsy lost her eyesight as father time caught up with her.

She adapted very well to being blind, much better than I did. She was able to navigate through the house once she learned the layout of the furniture. She still bounces off of it and the walls sometimes but takes it in stride. And Gypsy wants most desperately to be out in the woods where it was obvious she was always the happiest. Talk about now traveling the path of a pinball!

The only exception was for some reason she decided it was okay to start urinating in the house. This was quite an extreme change since this had never been a problem for Gypsy. She was very good about going outside after she was house broken to the point of letting you know when she had to go. Sure we had an occasional accident when she was left inside for an extended period but, this was as much our fault as hers.

I do not know why her behavior changed pertaining to urinating inside. Maybe she just became
disoriented as her sense of smell has deteriorated along with her hearing. The first couple of months after she went blind I learned to adapt with her. Cleanup became an almost daily routine to now care for Gypsy. It was the least I could do for the lifetime of memories she blessed me with.

Needless to say I learned first hand about pet urine cleaning products turning a bad problem into something that could be dealt with. The majority of cleaning products designed for the home just will not perform adequately when it comes to pet urine. Pet urine cleaning products are a necessity when dealing with this situation.

Pet urine is unique when it comes to cleaning. It is organic and therefore attracts bacteria. The only way to thoroughly clean this type of problem is with pet urine cleaning products designed specifically for the job at hand. Thankfully something clicked with Gypsy and she again started going to the door to be let out. Gypsy has since reverted back to going outside when ever she needs to relieve herself. Except for an occasional mishap, my pet urine cleaning products are no longer required as frequently.

Fortunately both myself and Gypsy have learned to cope with her loss of sight. We both look forward to whatever amount of time we have left that only the companionship a master (Gypsy) and her best friend (me) can know.

Source by Ray Pugh

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