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  • Adjustable Life Insurance Policies: Allow Changes in Coverage

    People who choose to have life insurance can choose a particular type of insurance that gives them the capability to make some adjustments in case of changes in life circumstances. This type of insurance is called adjustable life insurance. This type of life insurance allows policyholders to make a change in the scope and amount […]

  • What Type of Disability Insurance Is Right for Me?

    In the event of an accident, injury or illness that prevents you from working, disability insurance provides you with a percentage of your income. But not every disability insurance policy is the same. In fact, almost all of them will compensate different percentages of your income (generally between 50 and 70 per cent), along with […]

  • Can Drug Users Get Life Insurance?

    Drug use in Canada is prevalent to non-existent depending on what you define as a “drug.” Eleven per cent of the Canadian population “has a problem with drugs or alcohol” according to a CBC survey, but this does not include people who use drugs recreationally without “a problem.” That number, especially when you include alcohol […]

  • The Importance of Personal Liability Insurance

    Personal liability insurance, also referred to as personal umbrella insurance, is another product we use to keep our assets in tact. Since we live in a litigious society, we believe that it’s a good strategy to have an insurance policy that can withstand a financial blunder caused by a lawsuit. What is personal liability insurance? […]

  • Consumer Alert! – Three Types of Life Insurance You Probably Don’t Need

    American Consumers face a bewildering set of financial options in their lifetime. Investment, Legal, and Risk Management considerations continue to multiply decade after decade. However many of the options available are not great choices. In the world of life insurance, there are three products that stand out for being not appropriate for most Families. Although […]

  • Term Life Insurance – Everything That You Need to Know to Get the Best Policy for Your Needs

    If you have a spouse, children or both and their current and future standard of living is dependent on the money that you bring home every month, then Term Life Insurance is the best financial purchase that you will ever make! For just a few cents per day you can guarantee that if something unforeseen […]

  • Commercial Insurance Quote Overview: An Introduction to Business Insurance Coverage

    If you’ve recently started a new business, it’s time to start looking for a commercial insurance quote. New businesses owners tend to be optimistic and therefore don’t consider the risks associated with running a business that could potentially lead to a lawsuit. What if someone gets hurt on your property? What if someone tries to […]

  • Buy House Insurance: An Overview of HO3 Policies and Online Insurance Providers

    There are so many home / property insurance providers these days that it can seem a bit confusing for even those who are more knowledgeable about the industry. Whether this is your first time trying to buy house insurance, or you’ve done it in the past and want to look for a better policy, you’ll […]

  • Choosing the Right ATV Insurance

    For owners of ATVs, getting ATV insurance is the single most important thing you can do. While many people feel that an insurance policy for their ATV is unnecessary, it can save you money and offer you protection in many differing ways. ATV insurance is essential, even if you plan on keeping your ATV off […]

  • How to Choose the Right Life Insurance Policy?

    A life insurance policy provides you and your family security; it gives financial protection to a family if the bread-winner passed away. Death is inevitable for everyone; therefore family planning is important for those who are married, they should buy a life insurance to replace the lost income in the event of the bread-winner’s death. […]